Saturday, January 29, 2011

Another day closer

So we just got home from a day full of fun for the last few nights and days that the hubby will be home before leaving for the sandbox.  So we went and ate breakfast this morning, went to Best Buy to figure out what hubby wanted me to send him in Iraq either a Kindle or a Nook I believe after a trip to Barns and Noble we are gonna get the new Nook color when taxes come in. Had dinner at Cheddar's, hubby got his chicken fried steak he wanted before he left and I got one too. Lol. Now for the rest of the night we are in to relax and just spend time together before that dreadful day comes. Well I think that is it for tonight. Night y'all see ya tomorrow sometime.

1 comment:

  1. I've been looking into them a ton and the Nook Color is so much better then the Kindle. The lady at B&N told me that if there is a wifi hotspot around the nook will work it doesn't have to be some special international one. Plus you can download books from a computer and they show up on the nook. Also if you get books while you are using B&N's wifi you get a discount on books.