Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 5 down missed a day oops

Well I will start out with what happened yesterday lol.  So I got up and my friend Paula and her hybb PJ came and pick me up since I wouldnt drive on the snow lol.  So we went to lunch and to the mall and Putt Putt lol then went to dinner and then I got the wild hair up my but to go get my very first tattoo and I am so proud of it lol.  Then today I got to go meet up with my friend Emily in Harker Heights and then met back up with Paula and PJ for the rest of the day grabbed lunch at DQ and then came to my house so they could keep me on track of cleaning lol then ran to Walmart so I could get food for the dogs then came home got on WoW and was gonna run a raid but hubby got online and then the internet over there screwed up like usual lol. Maybe I will get to talk to him more tomorrow. 

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